Wed January 1 - Sat February 29 Indianapolis, IN US 46213
Inaugural 465 Virtual Challenge!



Run, Bike, Swim, Jump, Walk... Regardless of how you chose to complete the 53 miles, you'll be all set with the following:

465 Challenger Super Soft Finisher Shirt
465 Race Car Slider Finisher Medal*
Super Cool Bumper Sticker
Training Program
Motivational Emails
Virtual Bib
Certificate of Completion

Click Here for your Sample Training Program, Activity Tracking Log.

Just remember, this is virtual, please do not complete this event on 465. The finisher medal and swag will be shipped on or before 3/1/20.
*First 1,000 participants registered are guaranteed a medal.
Registration: Registration Opens November 14, 2019 at 12:01am EST
Price: $39.99 Race Fee
Registration: Registration ends February 29, 2020 at 11:59pm EST

Run, Bike, Swim, Jump, Walk... Regardless of how you chose to complete the 53 miles, you'll be all set with the following:

Super Cool Bumper Sticker
Training Program
Motivational Emails
Virtual Bib
Certificate of Completion

Click Here for your Sample Training Programs & Activity Tracking Logs.

Just remember, this is virtual, please do not complete this event on 465.
Registration: Registration Opens November 14, 2019 at 12:01am EST
Price: $24.99 Race Fee
Registration: Registration ends February 29, 2020 at 11:59pm EST



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Indianapolis, IN US 46213
24 Hour & Looper Club Members


Our 2020 24 Hour Club Members

Aaron Reitz- Sheridan, Indiana
Alice Royce- Indianapolis, IN
Anne Trott- West Bend, WI
Beth Dietzel- Portage, MI
Carol Van Handel- Madison, WI
Jennifer Coryell- Indianapolis, IN
Jeremy Kratzer- Columbus, IN
Kevin Leineweber- Plainfield, IN
Logan Everett- Fishers, IN
Matthew Young- Carmel, IN
Princess Yetunde Akisanya- Chicago, IL
Rejeana Overmyer- Indianapolis, IN
Shawn Humphries- Indianapolis, IN



Aaron Reitz- Sheridan, INErin Kingery- Greenwood, INKevin Norris- Palatine, ILPaige Antcliff- Indianapolis, IN
Al Carl- Indianapolis, INErin Lahr- Greenfield, INKevin Russ- Hoffman Estates, ILPam Dolan- Palatine, IL 
Alicia Royce- Indianapolis, IN Erin Rake- Carmel, INKim Klotz - Fishers, INPat Lawler- Indianapolis, IN
Alison Melton- Louisville, KYErnie Cherullo- Chicago, ILKim Kuntz- Kokomo, INPatricia Cleary- Portage, IN
Amy Becker- Pittsboro, INEve Feinberg- Highlnad Park, ILKim LaGuardia- Menomonee Falls, WIPatrick Kelly- Indianapoilis, IN 
Amy Fisch- Evergreen Park, ILFelipe Martinez- Columbus, INKim Zinman- Park Ridge, ILPaul Sebo- Indianapilis, IN
Amy Gilliam- Indianapolis, INFlorence Ramos- Chicago, ILKindra Jankowski- Kasson, MNPaula Ross- Indianapolis, IN
Angela Holmes – Zionsville, INFrancine Scarcella- Cooper City, FLKrista Layfield- Carmel, INPete Fanning- Hartford, WI 
Angela Robinson- Fishers, INFred Ruben- Buck Hill Falls, PAKristine Lowes- Fishers, INPeter Baranay- South Bend, IN
Angie Podesta- Greenwood, INFred Schalow- Mukwonago, WIKyle Allen – Indianapolis, INPhillip Blair Ross- Indianapolis, IN
Anita Sebo- Indianapolis, INGary Smith- Zionsville, INKyle Kopke- Avon, INPolly Baker- Indianapolis, IN 
Ann Dutkiewicz- Carmel, INGene Shearn- Carmel, INLaura Fennell- Valparaiso, IN Princess Yetunde Akisanya- Chicago, IL
Anna Philip- Indianapolis, IN George Cross- Westfield, IN LeAnne Richardson- Indianapolis, INRachel Christy- Crown Point, IN
Annie Trott – West Bend, WIGilbert Vaknin- Ann Arbor, MILeeAnn Wright- Indianapolis, INRachel Phillips- Indianapolis, IN
Anthony Bolla- Chicago, ILGreg Alexander- Carmel, IN Leslie Ramusack- Indianapolis, INRachid Elmessoussi- Indianapolis, IN
Ashley Kinard- Provo, UTGreg Callahan- Muncie, INLibby Young- Indianapolis, INRebecca Hill- Munster, IN
Barbara Shafer- Zionsville, INGreg Harger- Noblesville, INLil Polston- Fishers, INRejeana Overmyer- Indianapolis, IN
Becky Cass- Indianapolis, INGreg Howard- Fortville, INLisha Watts- Shelbyville, INRenee Seats – Anderson, IN
Becky Clayton- Dover, DEHolly Willman- Indianapolis, INLissa Nypaver- Rock Hill, SCRenuka Chatterjee- Carmel, IN
Ben Murray- Lafayette, INIndraja Chatterjee- Carmel, INLiz Wall- NYK, GBRhonda Hardy- Danville, IL
Beth Smith- Indianapolis, IN Jaden Lamkin- Cooper City, FLLogan Everett- Fishers, INRich Elmore- Lindenhurst, IL 
Betty Lonis- Fishers, INJames Bennett- Maumee, OHLori Hunnicutt- Elwood, INRich Wilson- Oregon, WI
Bill Brent- St. Emmaus, PAJames Cochran- Westfield, INLouise Hughes- Sheridan, INRichard Fisher- NW Ramsey, MN
Bill Reed- Avon, INJames Enney- Carmel, INLu Ann Harger- Noblesville, INRichard Fugett- Tinley Park, IL
Bill Weinberg- Greenwood, INJames Issacs- Oakland City, INLuann Byers- Fishers, INRobert Finlin- Ontario, CA
Bob Andrew- Sun Praire, WIJames Zenor – Westfield, IN Macy Bennett- Nashville, TN Robert LaRUsso- Oak Lawn, IL
Brayton McCarver- Columbus, INJane Criswell- St. Charles, MOMandy Van Ness- Brownsburg, INRobert Reinke- Barrington, IL
Brenda Wilson- Brownsburg, INJason Schaefer- Lowell, INMargaret Hepburn- Cary, NCRobin Rock- Chicago, IL
Brett Milinski- Menomonee Falls, WIJazmin Lagunes- Indianapolis, INMarianne Koby- Carmel, INRobin Towle- Spring Hill, FL
Brian Blough- Chicago, ILJeanne Reitz- Cleveland, OHMarianne Stachyra- Highland, INRosemarie Pavy- Greensburg, IN
Brian Nuedling- Edgerton, WIJeff Karr- Columbus, INMarilyn Chafey- Indianapolis, INRyan Taylor- Valparaiso, IN
Brian Peterson- Plainfield, INJeffrey Towle- Spring Hill, FLMark Bradford- Bloomington, INSally Callahan- Muncie, IN
Brian Peterson- Plainfield, INJen Holland- Noblesville, INMark Davidhizar- Wakarusa, INSam Macaluso-Carmel, IN
Brian Storm- Indianapolis, INJenna Eup- Westfield, INMark Heckendorf- Brookfield, INSandra Fillenwarth- Indianapolis, IN
Brice Doane- Columbus, INJennifer Book- Danville, IN Mark Quertinmont- Carmel, INSarah Windsor- Fishers, IN
Carl Patterson- Naperville, ILJennifer Coryell- Indianapolis, INMarlo Neustifter- Westfield, INScott Avras- Cooper City, FL
Carol Beck- Greenwood, INJennifer Doyle- Indianapolis, INMartha Conlee- Zionsville, INScott Gross- Noblesville, IN
Carol Van Handel- Madison, WIJeremy Kratzer- Columbus, INMartie Hoofer- Indianapolis, INScott Snell- Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Carolyn Shrall- Indianapolis, INJeremy Lancaster- Grand Junction, COMary Ann Coon- Glenwood, INSean Myers- Terre, Haute, IN
Carrie McCord- Greenfield, INJeremy Murphy- Lincoln, NEMary Cyrier- Mequon, WISelina Snelling- Brazel, IN
Casey Alexander- Carmel, INJill Chlystun- Zionsville, INMary Ellen Gill- Carmel. INShannen Priser- Indianapolis, IN 
Charles “Mike” Johnson- Brownsburg, INJillian Black- Avon, INMary Kate Reeves-Hoche- Buck Hill Falls, PASharon Ferbrache- Indianapolis, IN 
Cheryl Towle- Bloomington, IN Jim Gray- Indianapolis, INMary Mader- Melrose, MAShawn Hickey- Galesburg, IL
Chris Brelage- Fischers, IN Jim Greene- Johnstown, OHMary Means- Carmel, INShawn Humphries- Indianapolis, IN
Chris Habegger- Roanoke, IN JJ Austin- Waterford, WIMary Nabb- Avon, INShelley Craft- Noblesville, IN
Chris Harger- Noblesville, INJJ Elizondo- Noblesville, INMatt Young- Carmel, IN Shu-Yi Tsou- Dublin, CA
Chris Jankowski- Kasson, MNJoe Berman- Milwaukee, WIMatthew Reed- Lockport, ILStephani Burks- Greenwood, IN 
Chris Watson- Janesville, WIJoe Mockus- Lake Forest, ILMay Johnson- Selbyville, DEStephanie Sayles- Thiensville, WI
Chrstine Macdonald- Indianapolis, INJoel Epstein- Carmel, INMegan Montague- Indianapolis, INStephen Thompson- Park Ridge, IL
Cici Conover- Carmel, INJohn Adams- Greenfield, IN Melody Emricson- Woodstock, ILSteve Duncan- Indianapolis, IN
Cindy Schroeder- Indianapolis, INJohnnie Sylvain- Jackson, GAMelody Jean- Indianapolis, INSteve Emricson- Woodstock, IL
Claire Harrity- Carmel, INJon Fennell- Valparaiso, INMeridith Canning- Chicago, IL Steve Lawrence- Chesterton, IN
Connie Wininger – Greenwood, INJon Robison- Arcadia, INMeridith Daniel- Mullica Hill, NJSteve Light- Fisher, MN
Corey Queen- La Grange, KYJonna Isaacs- Oakland City, INMichael Flowers- South Bend, INSteve Rodino - Fishers, IN
Courtney McCollum- Lebanon, IN Joseph Mockus- Lake Forest, ILMichael Schneider- Indianapolis, INSteve Thompson- Park Ridge, IL
Dana Eddings- New Albany, INJudy Foltz- Indianapolis, INMichele Gettinger- Rushville, INSteven Blair- Greenwood, IN 
Daniel Maus- Fontana, WIJulia Feckete- Avon, INMichelle Hicks- Bedford, INSusan Bekavac- Westville, IN
Darcey Noirot- Carmel, INJulia Niemeyer- Fishers, INMichelle Quertinmont- Carmel, INSusan Lutzke- Greenwood, IN
Darren Minnemann- Greenwood, INJulie Anderson- La Moille, ILMichelle Tubbs- Indianapolis, INSusan Palmer- Bloomington, IN 
Dave Salmon- Muncie, INJulie Foster- Fishers, INMike Noirot- Carmel, INSusan Skelton- Avon, IN
David Andrews- Gurnee, ILJulie Kellems- Columbus, INMike Powell- Fishers, INSuzanne Selestow- Menomonee Falls, WI
David Gill- Carmel, INJulie Martin- Indianapolis, INMike Steinhubel- Porter, INTammy Mills- Indianapolis, IN 
David Retiz- New Haven, CTJulie Wright- Fishers, INMike Tubbs- Indianapolis, INTammy Mirante- Fortville, IN
David Swift- Indianapolis, INJulienne Russ- Hoffman Estates, ILMike Wallace- Shelbyville, INTeresa Harrison- Noblesville, IN 
Deb Hankins- Greenwood, IN Justin Rodino- Carrollton, GAMike Wiletzky- Chicago, IL Teresa Hazel- Indianapolis, IN 
Debbie Shuppert- Gurnee, ILKaren LeClerc- Plainfield, INMiles Walser- New York, NYTerry Glaab- Chicago, IL
Debbie Smith- Fortville, INKaren Sautbine – Pell Lake, WIMolly Traynor- Miami, FL Thomas Nickols- Indianapolis, IN 
Devon Dean – Indianapolis, INKarla Trout- Loogootee, INNancy Craig- Indianapolis, INTim Beckfield- Union Grove, WI
Dhiman Chatterjee- Carmel, INKathryn Rand- Grand Forks, NDNancy Powers- Indianapolis, INTina Mahorney- Noblesville, IN
Donald Weigend- Jackson, WIKathryn Wicks- Homer, IL  Nancy Waters – Martinsville, INTom Lemanski- Prospect Heights, IL
Donna Palak- LaGrange Park, ILKaty Cassel- Mequon, WINate Brannin- Morristown, INTom Swientek- Lansing, MI
Doug Wallace- New Albany, INKaye Schoenling- Indianapolis, INNathan Macaluso- Denver, COTracie Nebrich- Fishers, IN
Edward Aiello- Gurnee, ILKeith Roode- Mississauga, ON CANicholas Kohne- Franklin, INTrudy Young- Carmel, IN
Elizabeth Merida- Fortville, INKelly Beckner- Valparaiso, IN Nichole LaRusso- Oak Lawn, ILValerie Butler- Carrollton, GA
Elizabeth Taylor-Kozak- Columbus, IN Kelly Hines- Noblesville, INNicole Kosik- Martinsville, INVan Hanover- Glenview, IL
Elke Miot- Brownsburg, INKen Bray- Leola, PANicole Wolfe – Danville, INWayne Swart Jr- Valporaiso, IN
Endalish Pryor- Indianapolis, INKerri McClintic- Indianapolis, INNikki Hendrickson- Portage, INWhitney You- Highland Park, IL
Eric Manterfield- Carmel, INKevin Leineweber- Plainfield, INNora Spitznogle- Indianapolis, INWilliam Brent- Emmaus, PA

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